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You can increase depth of views or income from affiliate programs!

Plugin is ideal for interlinking and for advertising affiliate products and services. Manual articles interlinking gives better opportunity to select feature articles that has a positive impact on depth of site view by visitors. This approach allows to create articles interlinking on certain scheme for better control over transferred weight of links according to key requests – this practice is applied by many SEO experts.


Current Version: 1.4.3

First Release: 12 December 2015

Last Update: 19 May 2018

Requirements: WordPress 4.3.x - 4.9.6


Метабокс на странице редактирования записиAdd new related post

Метабокс на странице редактирования записи, без добавленных записей.

Предпросмотр блокаPosts preview in editor

Предпросмотр блока в админке.

Похожие записи,добавленные для одного постаRelated posts editor

Похожие записи, добавленные для одного поста. При выборе в выпадающем списке (первое поле) любой статьи – автоматически заполняется URL ссылки, адрес картинки и название (можно отредактировать или полностью заменить на свой текст). Картинку можно заменить на другую или загрузить новую с помощью кнопки Загрузить картинку (открывает медиа-библиотеку).

Страница настроек плагинаOptions

Plugin options page

Так выглядит блок на сайте со стандартной темой Twenty TwelveDisplay in the posts

All entered  related posts will be automatically dasplay under post content.

Video Review


Arbitrary data

You can specify the URL, text and any image for each link. For interlinking it is enough to select title of article and all fields will be filled in automatically.

Unlimited number of links

There is no limit to the number of links - all will be displayed in 4 columns after article, and the 5th and next links will be displayed in a new line. Block itself will adjust to width of content.

Custom sorting

At any time you can change order of links in block, using custom sorting of new and already added links.


Plugin is ideal for both interlinking and advertising affiliate goods or services, for recommendations of friendly websites etc.

High performance

Plugin does not connect additional JS/CSS files, and all links are stored in single arbitrary field of each post. That is why plugin absolutely does not affect loading speed and performance of site.

Strict adherence to standards

Our themes are developed with clear compliance HTML5/CSS3 standards, adherence to the WordPress Codex's recommendations and best practices for programming.

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