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Meet a safe and better alternative
to functions.php!

If you know how to edit a functions.php file properly (via FTP or an online IDE), you already have the necessary skills to setup and edit a plugin for your all of the code you would otherwise be putting into functions.php.

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Stay in one place

All your additions, scripts, counters and functions will not be lost any longer while changing active theme or application update to it because they will be stored separately in plugin FunctionsPHP.

Safe editing

Adding and editing code in plugin FunctionsPHP (instead of popular theme file functions.php), allows to avoid site falls because of error in code.

Easy move

Plugin (and all added functions) is easy to deactivate or move to another site. Storing custom code in its plugin makes it easy to control and keep in order.


Version: 1.0

Released: 03 December 2014

Updated: 19 January 2016


WordPress: 4.3. and later

PHP: 5.3 or higher

MySQL: 5.0 or higher

Frequently Asked Questions

  • On how many domains can I use this theme/plugin?

    You can use it on an unlimited number of domains. However, automatic updates and support will only be provided for installations with a valid license. The number of sites on which you can activate the license specified in your chosen plan. If you need a custom license, please contact us .

  • Will the theme/plugin still work after my license expires?

    Definitely yes. The renewal of your license after one year is optional. However, if you decide not to renew, you won't have access to updates and support for the corresponding theme or plugin.

  • How can I renew my license before it expires?

    We will send you an email with a friendly reminder when it's almost time to renew. By clicking a link you can renew your license at a 30% discount

  • What exactly happens after the payment process?

    Once you finalize the payment you will be redirected to a confirmation page with the details of your purchase and the items you paid for. You will also receive an email with your download links.

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