How to update theme

Last versions of theme SimplePuzzle come with auto-updater which allows to update theme just in one click!

It was embedded with version 1.1.0. Therefore, in order to start updating, firstly, you need to find out installed version of your theme and then update in automatic or manual mode (for versions lower than 1.1.0).

версия темыHow to find out your theme version?

To find out theme version go to menu AppearanceThemes, click on picture with theme name and check number which is near name and description.

Autoupdate (for versions 1.1.0 and higher)

To update you need the following:

  1. Go to WordPress admin panel.
  2. Topmost tab – Console, choose in itUpdates. 
  3. At bottom of page in section “Themes”  you can see whether your theme needs updating.
  4. Opposite themes which you want to update check off and click “Update theme”. As a rule, update takes place fast enough. You don’t need to gain patience as WordPress developers advise…
  5. If you see something that is shown on screenshot — you’ve done it. Update procedure is finished.

Manual Update (for version lower than 1.1.0)

Before updating we strongly recommend you to make backup copy of database and website files.

In process of removing old version and installing new one all theme options are saved.
IMPORTANT!If you made any changes to theme files, adding Yandex Metrica codes and Google Analytics, webmaster verification code of search engine and others they will be lost. Read guide to correct adding custom code to Basic theme in order not to have this problem in next updates.

To update manually you need:

  1. Go to menu Appearance → Themes  (do not forget to make backup beforehand).
  2. Choose and activate any theme out of  available themes on site.
  3. Then you should delete old version of theme SimplePuzzle. To do this, click on preview to open window of detailed view information about theme.
  4. And click Delete in lower right-hand corner of page.
  5. After this follow standard installation procedure of new theme, having downloaded archive with new version beforehand.
  6. After successful installation, activate theme.

Update process is completed, congratulations!