How to add automatic markup to recipe?

By default, automatic micro markup is activated for posts, chosen as recipes in theme settings. 

It means that if all necessary data for recipe are filled with, then micro markup on will be added to page code. This will allow search engines to understand better what content is on the page and generate a snippet in search results.

For recipes which include micro markup, snippet has more attractive appearance in search results and draws user’s attention.

snippet_google snippet_yandex

What data are marked up automatically?

The list of recipe data, specified below, is compulsory for micro markup. The absence of any one of them will be recognized as markup errors.

That is why, if one of the listed values is abscent, markup code will not be added and you will see the warning.

  • Name – title of article is specified as the name of recipe.
  • Photo – all photos in the text will be marked up as recipe photos. Search engine selects first encountered in text photo with micro markup as the main one. Photo of recipe data block, article thumbnail, the first photo in text are displayed in order in code.
  • List of ingredients – elements of all lists (bulleted or numbered) will be marked as recipe ingredients.
  • Instructions – the whole text of article will be marked as instruction for cooking recipe.

Additional data for recipe

You can also specify additional data (in addition to basic) for markup – simply enter them in recipe data block and they will be displayed in micro markup.

Recipe data, which are listed below, are recommended but not obligatory for filling. In the absence of date Google validator will show you a warning:

  • author’s name
  • brief description
  • preparation time
  • cooking time
  • calories
  • rating (counting and micro marking up of rating are not included in theme SunsetCafe, you can use the plugin Posts Rating for these purposes).