Quick start with SunsetCafe

Congratulations! You have just bought marvellous theme SunsetCafe. Now you can start to change your site.

Theme installation

First, it is necessary to install theme by following these steps:

  1. Save theme archive on computer.
  2. Make sure you have license for your domain.
  3. Install theme in automatic or manual mode.

Basic customization

Perform basic settings right after installation and activation of theme:

More opportunities of customization

The following articles will help you in the process of familiarization with theme :

  • What is “customizer” and site options?
  • How to customize background, grid and columns (content and sidebars).
  • Header, logo and footer customization.
  • Customization of your  fonts and colors.
  • How to customize menu and widgets.
  • How to add html, css and js code. Where to add counters codes Yandex Metrics and Google Analytics.

Design of text and individual pages

These guides may come in handy for customization of individual pages and design of textual material:

  • What is constructor and how to customize page display at full window width?
  • What are shortcodes? What shortcodes does theme support and how to use them?
  • How to add output of advertising blocks before and after text of each article?