How to add recipe

You can proceed to publication after successful customization of recipes post types.

Adding recipe is shown in example of specially registered custom post Recipe (how to activate it) in this guide. All details are relevant to any posts that have been marked as recipes in settings.

Adding new recipe

  1. In administrative panel go to menu RecipesAdd new
  2. Enter title and description (or  full text) of recipe in fields of title and content

публикация рецепта

Customization of basic data

To create beautiful menus or recipes block, it is desirable to specify minimal information about recipe – price of dish (or products for it), number and size of servings, cooking time, etc.

These settings are available for you to fill and they are in block Recipe settings  below the field of entering text.


Filling in only these data about recipes, you can already use shortcodes which display colorful blocks with café/restaurant menu or with a selection of recipes (for example, popular or seasonal).

Options of recipe micro markup

SunsetCafe theme gives opportunity in automatic or semi-automatic mode to add recipes micro markup for more relevant ranking and improvement of snippet in search result.

Automatic mode of micro markup


This solution saves time and will be perfect if you publish one recipe for one post and stick to a single post format (relevant for markup of list of ingredients).

How to add automatic micro markup to recipe?

Semi-automatic micro markup mode


This mode takes more time but gives you opportunity to publish several recipes on one page at once, having marked up appropriate lists as ingredients and instructions.

How to add semi-automatic micro mark up to recipe?