SimplePuzzle: Theme Customize

To go into settings Customizer, go to «Appearance» → «Customize» in administrative panel

Transition to customizer

Customizer contains following options:

  1. Informative sidebar settings
  2. Logo settings
  3. Theme header settings
  4. Settings for background template
  5. Color and text selection for individual elementsв
  6. Font and color settings for headers
  7. Footer settings
  8. Customisation  of template output menus
  9. Widget settings
  10. Customisation of static page for your homepage

All settings of template SimplePuzzle in Customizer

Infobar options

  1. Enable/disable informative sidebar displaying
  2. Background color infobar change
  3. Text color settings in infobar
  4. Customize social buttons display:
    • hide social buttons
    • display on the left side
    • disoplay on the right side
  5. Display search form in infobar::
    • do not display search form
    • display left
    • display right
  6. Configuring location of custom text:
    • hide custom text
    • display left
    • display right
  7. Form to enter custom text

Informative sidebar settings in theme SimplePuzzle

Logo settings 

  1. Logo type selection:
    • text logo
    • logo in image form
  2. Field for text logo input
  3. Field for site description input
  4. Show/hide site description under logo
  5. Fonts selection for text logo
  6. Logo color change
  7. Button for image upload for logo
  8. Button for upload site favicone

Logo settings in template SimplePuzzle

Header settings

  1. Show/hide menu in site header
  2. Background color selection for theme header
  3. Customize image display in header in form of :
  • show as picture (recommended size 1160 × 130)
  • show as background (tile horizontally and vertically)
  • show as background with repetition horizontally
  • show as background image on center of header
  1. Add image for site header with ability of editing it under recommended size 1160 × 130
  2. List of previously uploaded pictures for header

Settings of site header SimplePuzzle

Background customization

  1. Color setting for general background template
  2. Image selection for background
  3. Options for background-repeat:
    • no repeat
    • tile
    • tile horizontally
    • tile vertically
  4. Background-position:
    • left
    • center
    • right
  5. Background binding:
    • scroll
    • fix

Background settings in customizer for SimplePuzzle

Color and text settings for main elements

  1. Color for main template elements
  2. Color of basic elements when you hover mouse
  3. Fonts selection for text
  4. Links color in text
  5. Links color when you hover
  6. Color for headings article

Сolor and text customization for theme SimplePuzzle

Color and text settings for headers H1-H6

  1. Color of header H1
  2. Font of header H1
  3. Color of header H2
  4. Font of header H2
  5. Color of header H3
  6. Font of header H3
  7. Color of header H4
  8. Font of header H4
  9. Color of header H5
  10. Font of header H5
  11. Color of header H6
  12. Font of header H6

Attention! Use of many different fonts for H1-H6 can increase load time of your site.

Choice of color and font for titles via customizer

Footer settings

  1. Links of authors template:
  • Show
  • Hide
  1. Background color settings for widget headers
  2. Custom text input field for copyright

Footer customization for template SimplePuzzle

Site homepage settings

  1. Selection of homepage layout
    • display recent posts (in form of standard blog)
    • static page ( SimplePuzzle layout
  2. Customization view of static page for homepage
  3. Customization view of static page entries

Configuration of site homepage for template SimplePuzzle