Main slider setup

  1. Activate slider in menu Appearance – Theme optionsSlider tab
  2. Specify pages on which you want to display slider (in order to specify several items – use Ctrl on the keyboard)
  3. Select carousel source in option Carousel source
  4. Customize slider settings (slides themselves or their quantity, options will appear below after you select the source)


Different customization options will be shown depending on what value you specified for carousel source:

Custom items  –  are manually customized slides as picture + text + link. By default, added one slide.  Click Add new slide at the bottom in order to add new one


Recent posts. With this setting recent posts of your blog will be displayed in slider. Photos will be taken from the article thumbnails (if it is not set – the picture will not be in the slide). You can customize number of posts (slides) which you you want to display and specify length of a text description (if you set 0 – only title of article and Read more button will be displayed)

Featured posts. With this setting there will be most viewed posts of your blog in slider. Parameters are similar to previous item – posts number and summary length.