How to install theme

Congratulations! As soon as you received zip-archive with theme, you can start installing one of described methods below.

Step 1: Check version of WordPress

We develop our products and maximally use possibilities of WordPress which evolves very quickly. That’s why it is important to make sure that your website uses latest kernel version. Minimum theme requirements with regard to version can be found in description on page with changelog.

Follow updates and use latest version is not only requirements for correct work of theme but important step towards site security. Each update fixes bugs which can put site under threat of attack. Never use outdated WordPress version!

Step 2: Installing theme

As soon as you made sure of latest version of WordPress, you can start installing theme with a help of one of the following methods: via site console or FTP.

If you have installed theme earlier, there won’t be any difficulties because process is standard. Step-by-step guide with screenshots for each way is given below.

Automatic installation in console WordPress

  1. Log in to WordPress site management console
  2. Go to Appearance panel → Themes
  3. Click Add new (to the right of title)
  4. Now at same place click Upload theme
  5. In appeared form click Select File and specify archive location with theme on your computer
  6. Click Install button and wait until WordPress uploads, uncompresses and installs theme
  7. After installation WordPress click Activate and enjoy new design!

Manual installation via FTP

  1. Uncompress archive with theme to folder on your computer
  2. Log in to your site via FTP (for example, using FileZilla or WinSCP) and navigate to directory wp-content/themes/
  3. Upload uncompressed earlier directory /basic from computer to site directly in /wp-content/themes/
  4. Log in to WordPress site management console
  5. Go to Appearance → Themes
  6. Find theme Basic in list, click Activate and enjoy new design!

If you have any difficulties during or after installing theme, try to find answer in section Problems solution.