How to add widget on WordPress

Widgets in WordPress

Widgets are one of the many  features of WordPress. If we want to edit site content, we use the editor and metaboxes, then in order to change content of sidebar or footer, we just need widgets.

In fact, widgets can be added anywhere on the site, but it depends on WordPress theme that you are using and number of registered sidebars in it. Some themes do not support widgets.

How to add  widget to sidebar

Widgets management occurs in admin panel Appearance ->Widgets

  1. Go to blog console Appearance → Widgets.
  2. There you will find  list of all available for adding widgets.
  3. Click on desired widget using left mouse button and drag it to sidebar.
  4. In order to place widgets in desired order, drag them with mouse to necessary place.


How to make widget inactive

  1. Go to blog console AppearanceWidgets.
  2. In sidebar you will see list of widgets which is displayed in it.
  3. Click on widget using left mouse button and drag it to Inactive widgets.


How to delete widget

  1. Go to blog admin panel Appearance → Widgets.
  2. In sidebar, click on widget you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete.