Оptions Hierarchical HTML Sitemap

By default, sitemap is displayed with cloud of categories without pages list (call shortcode without parameters —[htmlmap] ).

Use following options to set user output:

  • showpages – except posts, option enables displaying list of sitepages (example: [htmlmap showpages] displays full map with posts and pages.
  • hidecloud – disable categories’ cloud (example:[htmlmap hidecloud]).
  • exclude_cat – list of categories’ IDs which you don’t need to display in map (example: [htmlmap exclude_cat=1,34] exclude categories with ID 1 and 34 from map and their posts as well).
  • exclude – list of posts’ or pages’ IDs which you don’t need to display in map (example: [htmlmap exclude="3546,7398"] displays map without post with ID 3546 and without page with ID 7398).

New options available with version 1.1:

  • showdescription – enables displaying descriptions for each category (example: [htmlmap showdescription]).
  • hidedate – hides articles’ published dates in map (example: [htmlmap hidedate]).