How to check HideLinks work

After installing and activating plugin, hidden links look like ordinary ones. This moment can mislead and complicate work of plugin.

You can check whether plugin works correctly in two ways.

Check in sourse code

  1. On page, where there are hidden link or user comments, press keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+ U — new tab with source code opens.
  2. Now press Ctrl + F on keyboard — field for text searching appears. Enter phrase in it data-link and press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. Browser found in source code all matches with necessary phrase (it is present in hidden link). In search box to the right of entered phrase, inscription with number of found matches appears (i.e. hidden links), and near — arrows for transition to previous and next found fragment.
  4. If in found fragment after phrase data-link goes link address you have hidden (or site address commentator) — it means that plugin hides link.

Check with a help of browser extension

  1. If you use Google Chrome, install Quick JavaScript Switcher extension to enable/disable JavaScript on sites quickly.
  2. Activate extension after installation and go to site page with hidden link or comments.
  3. In browser, to the right of site address, click on icon with JS inscription and green ball — JavaScript for this page is turned off and ball on icon turns red.
  4. Check hidden links — if they become ordinary text, it means plugin works.
If ordinary text instead of links is displayed on site after successful check by any way — it means there are script errors because of which code link substitution does not work. Try these recommendations.