How to extend license on one more site?

To use premium WordPress theme by WP Puzzle on more than one your site, first, you need to contact technical support and specify  domains address to which you are planning to install.

Why and when I need it?

  • When you buy theme and plan to test it immediately on test site.
  • If you have several sites and you want to use theme on more than one site.
  • Technical support and updates are provided only for themes with activated license.

We can not guarantee workability of  theme, if license for it has not been activated.  We can’t guarantee as well as that  installed and activated theme is really original version of our product and not a fake of intruders.

How to make request for license extension properly?

  1. Write a request to technical support, specifying the same email that you used while buying theme, as well as specifying order number and site address for which you want to activate license.
  2. Wait for expert reply indicating that license has been activated for address you sent.
  3. Install and activate theme on your site.
Only after confirmation of expert that license is activated on specified address, you can start to install, activate, and customize theme.