Automatic installation out of archive:

  1. In console WordPress go to menu Plugins ⇨  Add new.
  2. At top of page, next to inscription Add  plugins, click Upload new.
  3. In appeared window click Choose file and select saved archive with plugin on computer. Then click button
  4. After plugin installation, system offers to activate it —click linkActivate plugin.
To add HTML code counters and scripts — use examples below. Simply inserted HTML code in plugin will be displayed incorrectly and can lead to site malfunction.

Adding code:

  1. In console WordPress go to menu Plugins ⇨ Installed .
  2. In list find plugin FunctionsPHP, hover over name —click Edit link that appears at bottom.
  3. Code editing window opens — you can add your functions here (do not delete first 5 lines with plugin name and description).