Comment Images Reloaded Copy

Перейти в настройки плагина CIRTo go to plugin settings, go in menu Settings → Comment Images Reloaded Settings.

There are following options:

  1. Option for transition from  Comment Images plugin to CIR
  2. Option for transution from plugin Comment Attachment
  3. Size images selection, uploaded by commentators
  4. Selection of image number uploaded at a time
  5. Maximum weight limit for added users images
  6. Replacement standard inscription above button Adding file in comment form
  7. Enable/disable pictures enlargement by clicking
  8. Enable/disable author’s link display under comment form
  9. Enable/disable output of automatic form for image attachment. Description of function for outputting this field in any area of comment form
  10. Interdiction on adding images in comments

Настройка плагина CIR

Custom post/page settings

Go to editing post to permit of forbid adding images to comments for particular entry and choose necessary item in block Images in comments

Настройка comment images reloaded к записям