Changelog Basic theme

1.6.3 [VIP] – October 8, 2018

  • fixed: font color setup for site title
  • fixed: disable highlight for search phrases when not supports PHP library php_mbstring.dll and there is no exists function mb_strtolower() (strtolower() not supports cyrillic)
  • echo search phrase in search field when setted query var s

1.6.2 [VIP] – October 6, 2018

  • tested up to WordPress 4.9.8
  • tested up to PHP 7.2
  • added: echo privacy policy link in footer (for WordPress 4.9.6+)
  • added: customize header background image position
  • added: customize header background image size (auto, cover, contain)
  • added: customize header background image size for mobile devices (auto, cover, contain, hide)
  • updated: header background image repeat by X and Y
  • updated: Russian and Ukraininan translate
  • fixed: CSS selector for logo text
  • fixed: autoreplacement for table tag while adding adaptive table wrapper
  • fixed: CSS for adaptive table wrapper (added overflow-x:auto for screens 1024px and more)
  • fixed: show/hide for site name with CSS class .hide
  • fixed: comments style for mobile devices

1.6.1 [VIP]

  • tested up to WordPress 4.9.1
  • fixed home page and category link for 2, 3, 4, …. pages in logo and menu items
  • fixed lists styles for static pages
  • added adaptive video wrapper and css styles
  • added adaptive tables wrapper and styles
  • fixed comments list styles
  • fixed description for home page layout option (it will apprecate only for blog home page)
  • added heirarchical mobile menu

1.6.0 [VIP]

  • customize background displaying – under text or under all page
  • WooCommerce home page by default set to rightbar layout
  • custom layout for all post types
  • fix: sho sidebar on mobile version
  • fix: link to parent category in caregories widget when displaying child category archive
  • fix: double link pages (before and after content)
  • site title font-size set to 3rem on mobile by default
  • renamed layout post meta from basic_page_layout to _basic_layout
  • changed CSS list styles from li:before to list-style-image + svg
  • texted up to WordPress 4.8
  • supports PageBuilder by SiteOrigin, Elementor, Page Builder Sandwich

1.5.5 [VIP]

  • fix: maximum navigation width with custom body background
  • add: filter basic_wrapper_class

1.5.4 [VIP]

  • fix: Site name custom color
  • fix: Mobile menu button custom color

1.5.1 [VIP]

  • fix: remove `hentry` class from posts

1.5.0 [VIP]

  • add: option for customizing navigation background with
  • add: 404.php template
  • fix: sidebar’s HTML not printed now on mobile when the sidebar is disabled
  • new: Customizer Sections refactored, descriptions added for some options
  • fix: fixed height for header image on mobile
  • add: option for customizing maximum width of layout box (in pixels)
  • add: new nav menu area topbar at page head
  • add: new actions:
    • basic_before_topbar_box
    • basic_before_topbar
    • basic_after_topbar
    • basic_after_topbar_box
    • basic_archive_before_content
    • basic_archive_after_content
    • basic_before_404_page
    • basic_before_404_page_title
    • basic_after_404_page_title
    • basic_before_404_page_content_box
    • basic_before_404_page_content
    • basic_after_404_page_content
    • basic_after_404_page_content_box
    • basic_after_404_page
    • basic_before_comments
    • basic_after_comments
    • basic_after_comments_title
    • basic_before_archive_header
    • basic_after_archive_header
    • basic_after_archive_title
  • add: new filters:
    • basic_custom_header_args
    • basic_nav_menus
    • basic_custom_logo_args
    • basic_nav_menu_topbar_args
    • basic_topbar_box_class
    • basic_sidebar_class
    • basic_is_{$block_name}_enabled
  • add: flex width for header image
  • fix: new function for display logo image
  • fix: default value for logo image
  • add: fully migrated from options to theme mods
  • fix: site header color not apply with main color option
  • fix: changed ‘add_action’ to add_filter for the_content

1.4.0 [VIP]

  • add: option for hide/show author’s link
  • add: option for customizing site title font family
  • add: option for customizing site title font size

1.3.7 released 15.06.2018

  • tested up to WordPress 4.9.6
  • added: new customizer option header_image_position with 6 ways to display header image
  • added: action hooks:
    • basic_header_top_wrap_begin
    • basic_header_top_wrap_end
  • added: css mobile menu (box-shadow)
  • added: toggle mobile submenus
  • added: Privacy Policy link in footer
  • added: acceptance checkbox to save user data in cookies when commenting
  • fixed: adaptive header image
  • fixed: adaptive site title font size
  • fixed: css line-height units
  • deleted: customizer option header_image_repeat

1.3.6 released 28.04.2018

  • fixed bug with h1 unclosed tag

1.3.5 released 28.04.2018

  • tested up to WordPress 4.9.1
  • fixed: add homepage link for logo for 2,3,… pages

1.3.4 released 14.11.2017

  • tested up to WordPress 4.9
  • fix: error preview option “Hide share buttons on static pages”
  • fix: showing marker with comments list
  • fix: hierarchy visibility in mobile menu
  • add: responsive video container
  • delete: removed CSS class ‘hentry’ for posts


  • tested up to WordPress 4.8
  • fix: notice undefined index in inc\html-blocks.php on line 128
  • add: filter for copyrights basic_footer_copyrights_enabled
  • fix: li:before changed by list-style-image and svg image


  • fix: lang prefix
  • update: translations


  • fix: check for empty logo image
  • check: WordPress 4.7.3 compatibility


  • fix: a stray end tag h1


  • add: options for customize shop and search pages layout
  • add: option for hide/show share buttons on static pages
  • add: WooCommerce support
  • add: bbPress support (styles)
  • add: Turkish language
  • fix: removed site url in logo from home page
  • fix: comment_form defaults args
  • fix: pre tag overflow
  • removed: filter menu item classes (nav_menu_css_class/code>)
  • fix: show sidebar on mobile option preview
  • fix: customizer live preview working when options not saved yet
  • fix: markup print by defaults
  • add: new filter basic_comment_form_defaults
  • add: new filter basic_postmeta_list_defaults


  • fix: list styles
  • remove: descriptions as title for category link in default Categories widget
  • add: Polish language (thanks [Mamo, Tato pobawmy się!](
  • add: German language
  • add: full [WPML]( compatible!
  • add: new filters for pagination argumets:
    • basic_posts_pagination_args
    • basic_archive_posts_pagination_args
    • basic_search_posts_pagination_args


  • hotfix: custom style echo without wp_specialchars_decode
  • add: new actions:
    • basic_main_content_inner_begin
    • basic_main_content_inner_end


  • add: option for show logo image and site title
  • add: option for enable thumbnail on mobile
  • add: new section Advertisement for banners/scripts before and after post content
  • add: filter for main color css for <style> customizer tag:
    • basic_customizer_css – filter full css for <style> tag
    • basic_customizer_main_color_css – filter css for main color before append to total style tag
    • basic_customizer_header_textcolor_css – filter css for header_textcolor before append to total style tag
  • add: new filters:
    • basic_header_class
    • basic_header_sitetitle_class
    • basic_logo_class
    • basic_header_topnav_class
    • basic_footer_class
    • basic_footer_menu_class
    • basic_footer_copyrights_class
    • basic_footer_copytext_class
    • basic_footer_themeby_class
  • add: new actions:
    • basic_before_blogname_in_logo
    • basic_after_blogname_in_logo
    • basic_after_footer
    • basic_before_close_post_article
    • basic_before_page_article
    • basic_after_page_article
    • basic_before_post_article
    • basic_after_post_article
    • basic_before_post_comments_area
    • basic_after_post_comments_area
    • basic_before_page_comments_area
    • basic_after_page_comments_area
    • basic_before_comment_list
    • basic_after_comment_list
    • basic_before_comment_form
    • basic_after_comment_form
  • change: Layout and Markup sections move to panel Post in Customizer
  • change: HTML code for ‘Read more’ link relocated to /inc/html-blocks.php in function basic_the_more_link() and hooked to ‘basic_after_post_excerpt’
  • fix: set variables and basic_update_style JS function global in customize-preview.js
  • fix: layout styles (break point to show sidebar -> 1024px)


  • add: Ukrainian language
  • add: French language (Canada, France, Belgium). Thank Abdelkrim Jebbour for translation!
  • add: option to set post meta information and its display order
  • add: custom logo
  • fix: translate comment date
  • fix: bug with displaying site description, social buttons and fixed header height
  • add: filters for set up your custom social buttons:
    • basic_yandex_social_list – set comma separated list for yandex social list (default ‘vkontakte,facebook,odnoklassniki,gplus,twitter’)
    • basic_yandex_show_counter – bool value true/false wtha enable or disable show social counters
  • add: filters for set up your custom thumbnail settings:
  • filter basic_singular_thumbnail_size – customize feature image size
  • filter basic_singular_thumbnail_attr – customize feature image attributes (see second param for the_post_thumbnail() function)
  • add: post meta filters:
    • basic_post_meta_list – your custom post meta list (accept ‘date’, ‘author’, ‘category’, ‘comments’, ‘tags’)
    • basic_post_meta_list_html – array with post meta slug as key and html code for echo as value
    • basic_post_meta_html – full html list for display post meta information
  • add: function basic_get_postmeta hooked to basic_after_post_title and echo post meta information (published date, author, category, comments). Function can be overridden in child theme
  • add: post meta information was removed from content.php, now it is displayed with action basic_after_post_title
  • add: new actions:
    • basic_before_sitelogo
    • basic_before_sitetitle
    • basic_before_post_title
    • basic_after_post_title
    • basic_before_post_thumbnail
    • basic_after_post_thumbnail
    • basic_before_more_link
    • basic_after_more_link
    • basic_before_page_content_box – before div.entry-box on page.php
    • basic_after_page_content_box – after div.entry-box on page.php
    • basic_before_page_content – before in div.entry on page.php
    • basic_after_page_content – after div.entry on page.php


  • fix: change custom pagination function with the_posts_pagination
  • fix: schema markup enabled by default
  • fix: layout custom setting
  • remove: Share42 social buttons
  • remove: deprecated tags
  • add: new actions:
    • basic_postexcerpt_before_title
    • basic_postexcerpt_after_title
    • basic_single_before_title
    • basic_single_after_title
    • basic_post_meta_before_first
    • basic_post_meta_after_last


  • add: backward compatible for old option name


  • fix: renamed main theme option prefix (from theme_option_* to basic_theme_option_*)
  • fix: some functions prefixed with basic_


  • add: new option for customize header image repeatable and header height
  • add: new option for add counters in footer
  • add: new option for customize copyright text
  • add: styles for gallery columns
  • add: option for control site title position
  • add: option for control site description show
  • include the non-minified version for all minified scripts
  • prefix some functions, script and styles with theme slug
  • escape all home_url() functions with esc_url()
  • escape HTML attributes like title=”” and alt=”” with esc_attr()
  • backward title compatible function basic_render_title() removed
  • remove constant with template directory path and URLS
  • migrate all theme options to the Customizer


  • Enable/disable sidebar show for mobile
  • Fixed custom menu styles
  • Fixed comment_notes_after problem in comments.php
  • Footer menu depth changed to 1 level


  • Added the following action for use in child themes or plugins:
    • basic_before_header
    • basic_after_sitelogo
    • basic_before_topnav
    • basic_after_topnav
    • basic_after_header
    • basic_before_content
    • basic_after_content
    • basic_before_footer
    • basic_before_footer_menu
    • basic_before_footer_copyrights
    • basic_after_footer_copyrights
  • Added filter basic_singular_content (takes one argument, $content), to be able to change the text or add your code in child themes or plugins
  • Added options for the html code before and after the entry
  • Added displaying the description for the first page of the archive tags and author
  • In Article connected link to the full image (Google requires photo by 600 pixels)
  • Fixed list bullets
  • Fixed problem with incorrect display of menu styles
  • Fixed a problem with options translation adjustments in child themes
  • Fixed compatibility issues with PHP 5.5 or higher


  • “Read more” button aligned on right side
  • In main menu when displaying pages by default, also displayed link to home page
  • Customizable color logo in header
  • Fixed styles in header (block with logo on entire width now)
  • Fixed bug with displaying menus in footer
  • Fixed styles with absolute positioning in footer
  • Added backward compatibility wp_title () for WordPress lower than 4.0


  • Added styles to visual editor in admin
  • Fixed style conflicts with galleries WordPress
  • Small edits, code refactoring


  • Fixed date format in micro markup
  • Link to removed to noindex, nofollow
  • Made refinement in translation, added translation of new settings
  • Fixed warning in pagination


  • Fixed micro markup (from individual variants for yandex and google to one universal)
  • Fixed comments output format, removed link on yourself in names of author’s article


  • Release