Actions reference

basic_before_sitelogo link – before block with site logo and description (from version 1.1.6)

basic_before_sitetitle link – before block with site logo and description (from version 1.1.6)

basic_before_post_title link – before post title (from version 1.1.6)

basic_after_post_title link – after post title (from version 1.1.6)

basic_before_post_thumbnail link – before post thumbnail (from version 1.1.6)

basic_after_post_thumbnail link – after post thumbnail (from version 1.1.6)

basic_before_more_link link – before Read more link (from version 1.1.6) 

basic_after_more_link link – after Read more link (from version 1.1.6) 

basic_before_page_content_box link – before div.entry-box in page.php (from version 1.1.6)

basic_after_page_content_box link – after div.entry-box in page.php (from version 1.1.6)

basic_before_page_content link – before in div.entry в page.php (from version 1.1.6)

basic_after_page_content link – after div.entry in page.php (from version 1.1.6)

basic_postexcerpt_before_title link – before title in excerpt (from version 1.1.5)

basic_postexcerpt_after_title link – after title in excerpt (from version 1.1.5)

basic_single_before_title link – before title of full post (from version 1.1.5)

basic_single_after_title link – after title of full post (from version 1.1.5)

basic_post_meta_before_first link – before the first element in meta-information (from version 1.1.5)

basic_post_meta_after_last link – after the last element in meta-information (from version 1.1.5)

basic_before_header link – before header (from version 1.1.0)

basic_after_sitelogo link – after block with logo and name (from version 1.1.0)

basic_before_topnav link – before menu in header (from version 1.1.0)

basic_after_topnav link – after menu in header (from version 1.1.0)

basic_after_header link – after title (from version 1.1.0)

basic_before_content link – before post text (from version 1.1.0)

basic_after_content link – after post text (from version 1.1.0)

basic_before_footer link – before footer (from version 1.1.0)

basic_before_footer_menu link – before menu in footer (from version 1.1.0)

basic_before_footer_copyrights link – before copyright (from version 1.1.0)

basic_after_footer_copyrights link – after copyright (from version 1.1.0)