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Online shop WP Puzzle has been globally updated – new system of automatic updates has been set to work, CMS of shop and payment methods have been changed, technical support forum only for customers has been run and site design has been completely updated.

Updates system

From 11 December 2016 new system of automatic updates for our themes and plugins was run into effect.

Good news for buyers of freemium themes for Basic template – these additions will be also updated now!

What is important to know?

For premium theme

  •  wait for notification in Admin Panel of  availability of new version (for SimplePuzzle – notification should appear of version 1.1.4),
  • update theme in automatic mode,
  • check for updates again via menu Dashboard – Updates – Check again button (there may be some delay, try to check in 15-20 minutes),
  • when second notification of new version appears in Admin panel – you need to activate theme (it is described below how to do it) and then update the second time.

For plugin

  • wait for notification with license key on your e-mail,
  • download new version following the link (or in personal online-cabinet of our shop),
  • delete old version of plugin in administrative console,
  • install new one from downloaded archive.

For Add-ones 

(freemium themes for Basic also refer to this section): 

  • wait for notification with license key on your e-mail,
  • download new version in personal online-cabinet of our shop,
  • deactivate and delete old version of theme manually in admin panel (all theme settings after deactivating and deleting are saved),
  • install new theme version  from received and downloaded archive.

License activation

For all clients, who have bought any product from us earlier, will be given:

  • license activation on 3 websites for purchased earlier theme, plugin or add-on
  • updates for 5 years from today (from 11 December, 2016)
  • standard technical support at the closed forum for all buyers
  • priority tech support for clients by e-mail who bought premium theme or plugin earlier 
Pay attention! All freemium themes for Basic, bought until today, do not have priority tech support by e-mail, only standard technical support will be provided for them at our closed forum (to have access to it, you need to enter your buyer data – login and password  to which purchase was made).

How and where to activate the license?

In the next 2-5 days you will recieve notification by email with links for downloading purchased earlier product. There will be also code of license key in email which is valid for 3 websites for 5 years.

Make sure that you:

  • for premium theme – did the first update
  • for plugin or add-on – downloaded and installed version, sent by email

If you followed requirement described above,  you will have item Theme License in menu Appearance.

1. Copy key code from your e-mail or personal Cabinet on site.

2. Add key code in License key field in menu Appearance – Theme License and click on Save button

3. There will be Activate button, if you have successfully saved key – click on it

4. If you have successfully activated it, you will see information about your license – number of sites and expiration date.

5. Now wait for notification of new version in Admin Panel in order to get the latest updates!

For Affiliates

There is also some news for participants of our affiliate programm.

System for tracking and accounting for commissions for purchases has been updated in current version. All data concerning tracking and accruals has not been included in new system. Payment of affiliate accruals will be in the next 2-3 days. Contact us by email support@wp-puzzle.com for more details.

Structure of affiliate links has also changed but both variants of referral link are working now (and they will work next 6 months)and then outdated variant with wpam_id will be disabled.

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