Continue testing SimplePuzzle speed load

We had one more opportunity to test fast work of SimplePuzzle theme. In previous article I have already conducted similar experiment and got excellent results. By the way, before beginning my article I want to share information which Lyudmila Moroshkina sent us yesterday. She said that in a few days after changing template blog visits increased noticeably and we congratulate her on it! It confirms dependence of site ranking on used template quality.

Work speed of old and new templates

This time Halina Nekrasova, author of women’s blog, made a request for help to move old blog and codes in file functionPHP in connection with transition to template SimplePuzzle.

Women's blog on template SimplePuzzle

As in previous experiment I tested site speed load and then wrote average result. In this experiment I compared homepage of old template with two (because of the variety in design) new theme pages SimplePuzzle-homepage and blog page.

Here is comparison table for homepages of tested templates:

Theme load speed SimplePuzzle

As you can see, site began to work in 2 times faster after changing template. Although site showed good results of work on old theme, load speed improved by 80% on SimplePuzzle, and servicetools.pingdom informs that site works faster than 90% of all known to it recourses.

Now compare load speed of old theme homepage in regard to blog page on new template (they are most similar)

Fast blog SimplePuzzle

Blog page is loaded even faster despite significant  weight increase (connected with graphics increase), number of requests remains much lower. As a whole, we see perfect results of reducing site speed load after changing template almost in 2 times.

PS. Ask questions in comments, share your thoughts, conduct your own tests and share results.

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