Load speed test of theme Fasionista

Our partner-blogger Artem Abramovich (WPRUSe.ru author) conducted experiment of influence of template on site speed load. In his video Artem measured 3 times site load speed on installed popular template Scrapbook and then conducted the same experiment after installation of our premium template Fashionista.  I want to note that tested sites already have installed plugins, widgets and counters. Such test of websites load speed has turned out in “field conditions”.

Video-test site load speed

I won’t write evident things and beat about the bush, let’s watch the video with Artem’s experiment:

PS. As we can see from video, that after installing template Fashionista, site not only gained additional functional, micro markup, slider and other amenities but also became a little easier and faster than its predecessor (Scrapbook is in top 10 best WordPress templates of its theme). Sign up to our news, share video with your friends and on social networks.

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