Theme Fashionista for e-commerce site

It happened that all of our themes are associated exclusively with blogs or news sites. Indisputable sales leader is SimplePuzzle theme with several types of micro markup. And it is clear – design looks expensive and was worked out in details, there is number of possible settings, cool functionality and many other advantages. But at the same time theme Fashionista, frankly speaking, is been underestimated on background of his older brother. Today I want to show how full-fledged e-commerce site or site of company may look based on template Fashionista.

Fashionista – universal theme with responsive design

Design of theme Fashionista is minimalistic, strict enough and made in black-and-white. These factors make it very universal and flexible to changes both in color and constructive plan. You can make sure of it. Just go to DEMO page of template and try to play with colors.

Button to go into view of Fashionista settings

As you can see, site looks its best in any color gamut! But in order to see versatility of Fashionista, let’s have a look at example of its transfiguration.

Theme Fashionista for e-commerce site

Not so long ago customer asked us to develop a website for a company dealing with support for major clients in the field of electric installation work.

On the basis of TS, site must meet the following criteria:

  • modern design of home selling page as lending as lending
  • responsive to all mobile devices
  • optimized for up-to-date requirements of search engines
  • fast operation speed
  • easy site management and intuitive administration system

And, of course, budget for all these requirements is minimal. I would even say “less than minimal”.

Taking into account above mentioned requirements and extremely pared budget, we decided to make site of company on the basis of readymade theme Fashionista. All that we needed to do was a design of landing for homepage which in its turn would not have required making large-scale changes to the template.
That’s what we have –

As you can see, quite powerful site was obtained for commercial company from seemingly ordinary blogging theme. And all this with minimal budget from ordering-party and our labor efforts.

Main thing I wanted to show – theme Fashionista for commercial resource is not too bad at all. It’s not necessarily to spend several thousand dollars to make worthy site for your business. Remarkable e-commerce sites with unique design are obtained with little efforts and money on the basis of template Fashionista.

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Thank you for trusting us and using WP Puzzle products!

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