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Very little time has passed since the release of our lates theme and now we are ready to inform you about another shareware author template YellowDreams.

Simple and light design is made in minimalism style which makes theme very stylish. Successfully-chosen yellow color emphasis on grey background will give your blog or site elegance and subtlety. The combination of these colors in design will be quite long modern and attractive to user. If you want to change such color scheme, then you can choose any other range of colors with a help of customizer of parent Basic according to internet-resource theme.

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Unlike other themes, in YellowDreams there is an opportunity to make recent post beautiful  using special slider. Your posts will look much more nameworthy.

Traditionally, in the header of the site we have provided a space for an essential attribute – banner, so that administrators can earn extra income from advertising. All you need is just to add promotion code in order to display advertising banner on site.

Besides all this, there is quite original date presentation in informative sidebar of theme. Icons are well-designed and look very harmonious with icons of categories which are below.

At first glance, share buttons may seem simple and unnoticeable on grey background which is characteristic for this theme but when you hover, they change appearance and become bright.

YellowDreams will suit for site with any thematic focus. One more child theme will appear soon. Follow the news of our online shop, download and install new themes based on Basic.

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