Thanks for your contribution to the development of Basic theme!

In this article I would like to share good news with you and express gratitude for help our project.

It seemed that until recently our free Basic theme was in line for adding to official WordPress directory. WP Puzzle team was worried and looking forward to this day. We really tried hard to meet the deadline and fulfilled all the requirements to make this process passed as quickly as possible. And today you can download it from official WordPress directory! So, install and use our free product.

Basic theme 1.1.5 in the top 5 on WordPress!

The main surprise for us was that our Basic 1.1.5 theme got in the top 5 most popular themes of the world on WordPress.
Basic theme is in top 5 in wordPress directory

Thanks to your reviews and number of active installations, our free product had held 4th positionfor several days. Even now theme Basic is always present on visible positions of directory, from time to time pulling ahead by popularity. This not only great news for us, but also irrefutable indicator of high quality of our products!

Nobody expected that theme will become much-in-demand and so popular in the Internet. Initially it was made as basic one for webmasters. But we have actively started to expand its abilities, fix small shortcomings and embed new functionality. But just a few weeks after publication of template release we saw that our lightweight design of theme and many internal settings had captured attention among administrators of Internet resources.

And these are not all good news. Recently, the number of active installations of Basic theme was more than 5 thousand. But this number has rapidly exceeded the figure 8 thousand within a month. I’m sure that this is only the beginning and we soon will cross the line of 10 thousand!

Theme Basic is installed on laptop

In conclusion I would like to say “Thanks” to each and every one of you for helping our project! We are grateful for your confidence in us and our products! Because thanks to you theme has become so popular. We, in turn, will try to develop as quickly as possible and please you with new and interesting products.

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