Speed load site test on SimplePuzzle template

We wanted long ago to test work speed of our adaptive premium SimplePuzzle template with wide selection of micro markup types. Fact that template would be fast there was no doubt. Remained only to test it in “combat conditions”: where there are a lot of banners, advertising, etc.


Just a few days ago such a chance appered — Lyudmila Moroshkina, blog author lmoroshkina.ru, asked us for help (install and configure template)

Test site

After small talk with Lyudmila we got permission to conduct /publish represented test in article and we started working.

Testing of template on site speed load

I want to emphasize we didn’t know in advance about results we would get. Just confidence in product quality brought hope in our hearts. Detailed testing process with results you can see in my video. I want to apologize for my tongue falters and boring presentation of material in video, it turned out that shooting video is not so easy, also service checks on site speed load  was constantly falling and  I had to  reshoot many times.

For those who like to read more or can’t bear my talk, I will briefly describe process and results

Measurements of site speed load conducted with a help of online service tools.pingdom.com. To maintain integrity of experiment did measurements of load speed for templates for 3 times and took average result. As a side note, all plugins remained, I disabled only Super Cache plugin, which was on old template to reduce speed load .  Standard social networking widgets in site footer were also replaced with ordinary images.

Replacement of social widgets by images

Thus, we won in number of requests and time while loading due to social pictures, but lost by disabling Super cache. I made testing data in form of following table:

Comparison table of site load speed

As you can see, there is a difference and it is appreciable difference.  Number of requests decreased in twice  and site speed load reduced almost in 3 times after installation SimplePuzzle template!  Page weight changed a bit too but not essentially.

We understand this test is not significative, we need to compare in similar conditions and provided data depend heavily on ads, etc.

If there are buyers willing to repeat experiment on their resource — please contact us by email or in comments.

Personally we, developers of  WP Puzzle products, are pleased with results of work template in harsh real conditions. And finally, a little bit of advertising: Our SimplePuzzle is Russian fast adaptive template for WordPress with wide selection of micro markup types!

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  • Игорь, все темы проходят обязательно тестирование с последними версиями WordPress. Обновили информацию на странице темы на актуальную.

    На сайте с демонстрацией тем всегда установлена самая свежая версия WordPress и Вы можете убедиться в работоспособности темы.

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