How to Fill Self Declaration Form for Air Travel

Hi, I will be travelling from Phoenix to Bengaluru soon, but I have a separate domestic flight to SFO but I will not leave the airport until I board the international flight. What PNR number do I need to enter for exceptions? Hello, In the form air suvidha, there is a question about diabetes, hypertension, etc. diseases. Could you tell me the impact of explaining the terms? Are there any additional restrictions for people with these diseases? Second, are hard copies mandatory? Please let me know. Thank you, I hope you can answer my questions or maybe take me to an FAQ page. I want to travel to India in a few weeks (from the US, directly), but I don`t know how to properly use the «self-declaration form». -Do I have to submit the form at least 72 hours before departure? -This creates a problem as you also need to provide a negative test result less than 72 hours before the tarve. How do you reconcile these two requirements? [Maybe you submit the form early and then download the test results when they are available?] -If I have a negative test result, are there quarantine/isolation requirements OR can I leave the airport and go to my destination immediately? And finally: -Is it important what is the reason for my trip? [I`m an American citizen and I just want to visit my family in Rajasthan.] Thank you for your help in answering these questions and for the Yeoman service you have provided to all travelers over the past year. Hello.

I am travelling from Melbourne to Goa on the 24th, I will take a PCR test 72 hours before my flight over Singapore. My flight is Melbourne-Singapore-Mumbai-Goa. I have a long distance for public transit. I should fill out 2 separate Air Suvidha forms for Mumbai and Goa. and can I download my PCR test taken in Melbourne or do I have to take another test as it will be after 72 hours when I reach my goal? Please help me with this, quite confused. My question concerns the curfew from 10 p.m. to 7.m a.m. .m. which will be imposed in Bangalore from 10 April. As we arrive early in the morning of April 14th, there is something we can do to be able to rent a car and go home without waiting for the curfew to be released at 7am. Also, I would like to know if I need to do something/or save other forms like SevaSindhu.

Please let me know what this portal (SevaSindhu) is for. We are waiting for you Tips We travel to Milwaukee to Delhi and then to Raipur. My RT-PCR exam is still pending and pending. For this reason, my exemption form was refused. I`m on a short trip to India. What options do I have without quarantine? I believe that before we get to the report, it will be available and could be received by email. Can I show this and submit it again or are there other things I need to do. Please help Hello, I am traveling from New York to Chennai via Delhi via Air India and all in one PNR. Which city do I need to enter for the «First Entry Point» question? Could it be Delhi or Chennai? Hello! No idea what the problem is on Air Suvidha. Currently, all international arrivals traveling to Bangalore require a negative RT-PCR certificate. Do not worry.

If you are unable to apply to Air Suvidha, you can take the printed copy of the report with you and present it upon arrival at the airport. Hi, I am travelling with my family from SFO (US) – > Dubai – > Delhi (India) on June 26th with Emirates and the PNR/booking number is the same for the whole trip. What must be entered in the Air Suvidha self-declaration form. ** I have read almost all the comments in this blog about the flight number, some comments say that the flight number should come from the country of origin which is the first flight, but some reviews say international flight landing in India (Delhi), I don`t know which one is correct. The exemption form for India has been removed. All international passengers arriving in India must now complete the health declaration via the Air Suvidha portal. Hello My family will travel from Seoul to Delhi (with the same PNR number). Qatar Airline in Seoul recommends detecting Covid-negative reviews and test examinations 48 hours before departure. However, it takes 1 day to get the Covid report. Therefore, at the time of filling out the Air Suvidha form, we only have 1 day to reach Delhi. My question is that the quarantine exemption could take more than 1 day, so what could be done to be on the safe side? Connecting flights have different flight numbers, which number should I use to fill out the form? There is room for only one.

We depart from London next week with a direct flight to Mumbai. 2 adults and 2 children (2 years and 6 years). Adults fully vaccinated and therefore according to the guidelines of the Maharashtra government, we should not need an RT PCR test as part of our self-report form. However, do I need to test the RT PCR of my 2 and 6 year olds? I will travel Newark-Mumbai and after a 4 day stay in Mumbai, I will travel to Rajasthan and finally return from Delhi to the United States. Q: In the Air Suvidha form, after the full address, etc. of my «end goal». Is the final destination for me Mumbai, my hometown in Rajasthan or Delhi (where I will only be for a few hours — the time between arrival from Rajasthan and departure for the United States)? Hello, I fly from Toronto to Dubai and then from Dubai to Mumbai. On the air suvidha I should fill in which flight number first or second Hi: My parents will be traveling to Mumbai on a direct flight from Newark, NJ on Friday. Mumbai is not their final destination. After a few hours of waiting in Mumbai, they will board their flight to Vadodara. I have two questions: We are travelling on a Delta Airlines flight. From Atlanta to Paris on August 13 and from Paris to Bangalore on August 14 with Air France in Bangladesh.

In the early morning of August 15, we need an institutional quarantine exemption, we can register for AirSuvidha. I feel the Air Suvidha travel form after filling in all the sections and when sending I receive the message «Flight number / tail number must not allow at least 4 to a maximum of 6 alphanumeric value, spaces and special characters» However, I checked the flight number and there are no spaces or special characters its BA0119, Please show me what I`m doing wrong, as I fly from the Caribbean in 7 hours. Hello. I`m traveling from Chicago to Kolkata on October 9 at Air India with a stopover in Delhi. I need a negative RT PCR test to avoid institutional quarantine in Delhi. My ticket is under the same PNR Thank you Hello, I plan to travel from Dubai to Mangalore on November 28th on November 29th. I asked permission by Air Suvidha. If my flight is postponed to the last moment and the departure and arrival dates are changed and all other details such as passenger details and arrival point, etc. remain unchanged, can I use the same authorization from Air Suvidha? Hello Jagan! You only need to fill out one form if you all have the same PNR. I plan to travel by VBM Airindia flight from Chicago to Hyderabad (via Delhi). I am accompanied by my wife and my 3-year-old child. Question — Will my wife and I both get an exemption or is it only for 1 parent? Also, what time can I complete the exemption form if my travel date is December 18? Heena Ganotra, a passionate and professional writer, is «half torment, half hope», but all heart.

And oh, she was a lover of books from the beginning! Her love of books convinced her to pursue a career in the wonderful world of words. She loves what she does and is a satisfied soul through and through the desire to spread happiness like herpes. Some say she leads the best life possible because she reads, writes, travels and makes you happy. You`re right, because what else do you need! 🙂 Hello Shouvik! You only have to fill in the details in a single form. If the entire trip is on the same PNR value, the flight sort code must be the one departing from Toronto. Yes, they must undergo a molecular test upon arrival, although they have a negative RT-PCR ratio before arrival. Yes, the self-declaration form can be modified and must be submitted with the download of your negative RT-PCR report. What is the PNR number in the Air Suvidhya form? Is this a 6-digit United confirmation number? It is also necessary to answer some questions about recent travel and health to determine if the passenger may have been in contact with the coronavirus.

Hello Srinivas! You will need to enter the flight number, seat number and city of origin in relation to your international part of the itinerary. No problem, even if you admit: «I would commit to a mandatory ….. If you travel with a negative RT-PCR report, you will be exempt from institutional quarantine. Hello Chandreyee! It will not be approved online without a valid stamp or signature. Many people have faced the same problem. You can take the report with you and show it on arrival at Delhi airport. You may be asked to provide a statement of the authenticity of the report. The form is one of the many COVID-19 travel restrictions for India introduced during the pandemic. Hello SV! As far as we know, you need to indicate the number of travelers as 2, as the self-declaration form is a must for all international arrivals. Do I need to apply for a TN E-Pass? I heard that in early July, the DT government removed the ePassport requirement for travel between Hello Sarasvathy! You will need to fill out a self-report form and upload a negative RT-PCR test report here, Hello, I fly Emirates from Los Angeles (LAX) to Mumbai (BOM) with a stop in Dubai (DXB). I know I have to fill out the self-declaration form.

I don`t have a seat number yet, do I have to wait until the day I receive the seat number at LAX? Do I have to fill out a form to avoid institutional quarantine because I am fully vaccinated? Just to make sure I`m using the flight number correctly for the flight from LAX to DXB? Thank you very much.. .