Relase Notes: theme Basic 1.3.0

We are happy to share the news about a new release of the Basic theme – we released a major update with a lot of bug fixes and new features! Our team has prepared for you a nice innovation!

What is included in the release of version 1.3.0?

? New Features

  • Turkish translation
  • option for customize search and shop pages layout
  • option for disabale socail share icons at static pages

✅ Fixes

  • removed a lot of bugs in the customizer
  • improved form of commenting code and solved the problem of compatibility with some plugins that add formatting buttons
  • improved SEO – on the home page was removed a circular link in the logo

 ❤️ Compatibility

  • compatibility with e-shop WooCommerce
  • bbPress forum compatibility

More details for a complete list of changes can be found on this page.

Our team is grateful to all users who write bug reports and send their recommendations! This helps to develop the theme, making it even more user-friendly and versatile.

? Running Basic subscription for updates

Theme BASIC is in great demand and its fans are often interested in the plans of the nearest development. Moreover, we get a letters with suggestions and ideas that we would like to introduce at new versions.

To the extent possible, our team is working on the implementation of new options and settings. But, unfortunately, our resources on free products are strictly limited. And it seems that we have found a solution to work more intensively on the development of the Basic theme.

We are launching a subscription option to the latests version of the Basic theme!

For only $10 per year
you can get new versions much earlier,
what they will be published in the WordPress directory!

For example – a subscription is already available for download version of the theme 1.4.0 and WordPress in the official catalog, this version will be published only after three updates.

Theme and this one, though, without division into paid/free, but with the ability to get new options and settings much earlier than the rest!

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