Load speed test of theme Fasionista

Our partner-blogger Artem Abramovich (WPRUSe.ru author) conducted experiment of influence of template on site speed load. In his video Artem measured 3 times site load speed on installed popular template Scrapbook and then conducted the same experiment after installation of our premium template Fashionista.  I want to note that tested sites already have installed plugins,…

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The best premium themes for WordPress, overall results

Логотип WP Puzzle

Last months were very difficult for our team, we prepared large-scale updates and embedded new functional both in premium themes and some plugins. I want to say “Thanks!” for your patience and faith in our team. As you can see, we have not only fulfilled promise to correct minor bugs and release planned functional but…

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Continue testing SimplePuzzle speed load

We had one more opportunity to test fast work of SimplePuzzle theme. In previous article I have already conducted similar experiment and got excellent results. By the way, before beginning my article I want to share information which Lyudmila Moroshkina sent us yesterday. She said that in a few days after changing template blog visits…

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Speed load site test on SimplePuzzle template

We wanted long ago to test work speed of our adaptive premium SimplePuzzle template with wide selection of micro markup types. Fact that template would be fast there was no doubt. Remained only to test it in “combat conditions”: where there are a lot of banners, advertising, etc.


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Free Plugin Comment Image Reloaded

In practice we came across with plugin Comment Image reloaded and we and our clients liked it. But in length of time we discovered some aspects of its work which we were not satisfied with or we saw them differently. In this regard we made decision to do it over “as one sees fit” and the first thing we wanted to change is size of commentators’ added photos.

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