Update of free theme Basic to 1.1.5

After 4.5 months of waiting in queue of the official WordPress.org directory, our free responsive theme Basic has finally fallen into moderators’ hands on approval. Repository representatives of wordpress have put forward number of requirements to the template during check. Key moment was transfer of theme settings from admin panel into visual editor – Customizer.

New settings of free responsive theme Basic with micro markup

Theme moderation on WordPress.org

There was also strict deadline for making changes. In case, if we had missed deadline, theme would have been moved to head of line and it is almost 5 months to wait. So, we had to work very hard. Thank God that there are no bugs and shortcomings.

As a result, theme Basic has successfully passed moderation and now is sent into queue on WordPress admins’ approval. As judged by themes which are already in the homestretch, we will have to wait in this branch month and a half.

Thus, adding new theme in WordPress repository takes now at least six months! And this is upon condition that it is clean and without bugs. Otherwise, duration of passing moderation of template may take up even more time.

 Basic version 1.1.4 is available for downloading

You can download new improved version 1.1.4 of theme Basic with micro markup on our site now. As screenshots and settings description are no longer relevant, we made a 3-minute video with new settings in customizer:

As you can see, it became much easier and more convenient to customize theme. All the changes are picked up promptly and displayed in visual editor, you have only clicked on letter or button and result immediately appears in front of your eyes.

P.S. Either you have any questions about themes or plugins or you want to give an idea for creating new themes or improving exciting ones – do not hesitate to write in comments of via feedback form. We highly appreciate your opinion!

Thank you for your trust and use of WP Puzzle products! 

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