Beware of Basic theme imitations

Dear users, we strongly request not to download our products from other resources. Beware of imitations!

Sign of copyright

We have noticed active transitions from site recently. And we paid attention to the fact that they (admins) had placed it for free downloading our free Basic template. Suspicions were aroused by the fact that theme downloading came directly from this site, and not from our online resource or the official WordPress directory.

We immediately downloaded Basic theme from the site and checked it. As a result, embedded third-party code of viral content was found. In addition to this, after a skimming and searching for feedback we saw note in footer: “Our site helps you to find templates, and we place hidden/visible links on sites in return”.

Once again we would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is necessary to download products from official online resources. Don’t trust various directories of compromised products. Most likely your resource will be jeopardized with viruses or hidden links.

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