About us

WP Puzzle products developers are team of professionals loving their work, solving various tasks for WordPress. Here you will find both free and premium themes and plugins. Most of them we initially developed “for ourselves” and clients under the condition of further implement.

Why it is worth using our developments:

  • Maximum clean code
  • Fast work speed
  • Guarantee of absence of viruses and hidden links
  • Constant development of products
  • Deep testing and support of availability on new versions of CMS
  • Adequate and fast technical support

How we came to WP Puzzle

Close cooperation with blogosphere and running of own blog on WordPress have stimulated us to go into serious issues such as absence of simple solutions for common tasks, lack of optimized and high-quality templates, overabundance of add-ons that make high load on server hosting.

As a result, a few plugins appeared which immediately went to masses and were in top-selection in authoritative English publications about WordPress (wpbeginner.com, wordpressinside.ru and others). Demand for our products has led to creation of WP Puzzle.

If we make template or plugin it means that at time of its creation we haven’t been able to find ready solution or we haven’t been satisfied with it for any reason!