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Easy create a 3D model for
the product in your store

Creates 3D model of object from set of 10-30 photos made at different angles with one position. Perfect variant to demonstrate product in online shop!

Current Version: 1.1

First Release: 25 January 2016

Last Update: 24 March 2016

Requirements: WordPress 4.3 and later



Realistic 3D model for object from photos

Window appears with image of product on site by clicking on 3D model button. Angle of object will be changed while moving mouse left or right.

Only upload images white edit product

3D model settings in admin part of site



High performance

Plugin does not connect additional JS/CSS files, and all links are stored in single arbitrary field of each post. That is why plugin absolutely does not affect loading speed and performance of site.

Constant Updates

Our plugins are definitely tested with new WordPress release. We guarantee correct work with current version of system, as well as with three earlier. Never be afraid to click "Update" button.

Strict adherence to standards

Our themes are developed with clear compliance HTML5/CSS3 standards, adherence to the WordPress Codex's recommendations and best practices for programming.

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